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On the blog: We are all connected

July 21, 2014
by Anna Huntington, The Sculpture Project

The second annual Gathering of People, Wind and Water, a Native American art market and cultural celebration, hit a home run at Main Street Square last weekend. The event launched last year, inspired by sculptor Masayuki Nagase’s themes for Passage of Wind and Water: A list of some highlights:

  1. The display of a beautiful and generous spirit as hip hop artist, Rosebudder, Gates Scholar and heart throb Frank Waln smiled, hugged and posed for photos with hundreds of adoring fans for a solid hour and a half after his set.
  2. Pride shining in Bryant High Horse’s eyes when his son, artist Paul High Horse, won the People’s Choice award. Bryant is a retired teacher and counselor, veteran, former police officer, KILI Radio host, father, grandfather, source of wisdom and a valuable member of the Gathering’s organizing committee. Paul is a teacher, father and terrific emerging artist based in Omaha. 
  3. Having to keep running to the copy machine to make another pile of 100 People’s Choice ballots. Attendance estimated at well over 1,000.
  4. Being in Best in Show winner Angela Babby’s artist’s booth surrounded by her wholly unique, deeply meaningful and beautiful work.
  5. Talking to a Chicago couple and a woman from the Bay Area who all said they loved the event, couldn’t tear themselves away from it all day and wanted to be on the mailing list for next year.
  6. Yuki’s happy, happy face.
  7. Volunteer extraordinaire Sara Olivier trying to stretch out her cheeks at the end of the day because they hurt from smiling so much.
  8. Catching a glimpse of a beautiful sunset through the tipi poles that were set up in front of The Sculpture Project spires at Main and Sixth Streets.
  9. Facebook comments on The Sculpture Project page like this from South Dakota Arts Council director Michael Pangburn: Thanks to everyone responsible for creating this opportunity for artists and those of us who appreciate them.







10. And this from Karen M. Eagle: It was so much fun! We stayed through the entire event, and we got to see some of our really good friends and relatives!!

11. Watching the crowd coalesce into a clockwise dancing circle at the end of Brian Frejo’s performance and thinking about the earlier performance of Kevin Locke whose visuals, movement and words together communicate our essential shared value: We are all connected. See more photos.

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