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On the blog: Passage of Graffiti through Wind and Water

August 5, 2014

By Anna Huntington, The Sculpture Project

A Graffiti and Street Art class for teens and young adults led by Tyler Read recently installed a mural in Art Alley that riffs on Passage of Wind and Water.

“The students recreated some of the stones, adding graffitiesque movement and color coming through the stones,” explained Read, a graffiti artist and educator with the Rapid City Arts Council at the Dahl.

The 11 students met over the course of four Sundays, learning the history and technique behind graffiti art. They toured The Sculpture Project and took away lessons in color and texture as well as some design elements. The mural, Passage of Graffiti through Wind and Water, was painted in one class period last Sunday.

“There’s a direct connection to Yuki’s work. It’s all public art, and so there’s a relationship there. Also, Yuki uses very clear line work and the students drew inspiration from that for the mural,” Read said.

An earlier Graffiti and Street Art class for younger students also drew inspiration for an installation in Art Alley, which has since been painted over.

Read said the classes help connect students to The Sculpture Project and also help them appreciate Art Alley’s uniqueness where graffiti is in the heart of the community, legal and doesn’t require formal permission.

“Graffiti artists want their work to be seen just like everybody else, and Art Alley lets that happen,” Read said.


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