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On the blog: Opening the Passage

June 25, 2013
by Anna Huntington, community arts coordinator for The Sculpture Project

You may sense some of the 2,000-million-year-old granite blocks of The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water in Main Street Square beginning to come to life soon.

Sculptor Masayuki Nagase arrived in Rapid City on Friday and plans to begin carving  Monday, July 1, first thing in the morning. Nagase describes the stone as a living material that contains the history of the planet. He says that as he carves, he will impose his design for Passage of Wind and Water on the stone and also bring out "the natural breath of the material."

The Carnelian granite of the Badlands Garden was quarried near Milbank, SD and dates back to the Proterozoic age. Appropriately, part of Nagase's design for the Badlands Garden stones is the exploration of different periods of geological time. The low-relief design for the five stones he'll work on this summer abstractly depicts the landscape, flora and fauna of the Badlands leading up to and including the appearance of human beings.

Nagase has been setting up his work site at Main Street Square this week and his studio at the Dahl Arts Center. He is in the Badlands today through Thursday, meeting with various experts on the area and soaking up inspiration before he opens the Passage next week.

"These stones reflect the continuously changing nature of life," Nagase says. "One can feel the presence of this deep geological past of the earth in the Badlands through the land and the fossils that are found there."

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