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On the blog: Stone Soup

March 8, 2013
by Anna Huntington, community arts coordinator for The Sculpture Project

Two young Rapid City musicians recently squeezed inspiration from stone sculpture. The outcome: a music video inspired by The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water.

Layne Putnam and Stephen Babbitt took their guitars to the Dahl Arts Center in January, visited the gallery where some of Masayuki Nagase's sculpture and plans for the granite at Main Street Square were on display, and soaked up the creativity.

"We looked for patterns in his designs and in the ways his work made us feel and we wrote songs that fit those patterns," Stephen said.

"It was cool because we could touch the sculpture," Layne said. "We got a flowy vibe from his work and we wrote flowy chords to match. But we also did an acoustic rock element with harder sounds to reflect the fact that his work is in stone."

The two friends "messed around with some ideas, got a solid song, and added solos," Stephen said. The next sunny day, they grabbed another friend with a video camera and went to Main Street Square where Nagase will begin carving this summer. They played their music while ice skaters and others enjoyed the square behind them.

The result, after some editing, is the Project Video. The music video is an early celebration of The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water and the artist's focus on the Rapid City community and its connection to the area's natural beauty.

Stephen is a senior at Stevens High School and will be traveling to Africa in the fall. Layne graduated from Stevens in December 2012 and has been writing and performing music locally. She cut her first CD at 16 and will be in Nashville this spring to record again.

Layne and Stephen will perform together in April at Lucky's 13 in Spearfish.

Please: Send your inspiration to the sculptor. Masayuki Nagase is working on the final design for The Project: Passage of Wind and Water at Main Street Square now and really wants to see your photographs and videos of the beauty of the Black Hills and Badlands.

Upload photos here.

Send videos to:


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