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On the blog: The artist's reflections on summer 2017

October 2017 

Description of the work: Summer 2017

Last summer I completed the last two remaining stones of the whole composition. I started to work on stone #7 by the Black Hills Stone Tapestry Garden located at the northeast corner of Main Street Square. This stone's design represents the abstract image of wind and water that expresses directly the project's title, Passage of Wind and Water. One side is carved with a spiral design representing wind and the other side is carved with a ripple water pattern. This stone's design represents the energies of the project’s metaphorical theme of change and transformation.

The next ­stone I worked on was the Badlands Spire. It is the 32-foot spire made of red granite at the corner of Main Street and Sixth Street. This spire's design continued with the visual theme of wind to connect with the rest of Badlands Stone Tapestry Garden. The images of the region’s flora and fauna are integrated into the flowing pattern of various species from land and air, intermixed with hand and footprints. The overall design pattern travels upwards in a spiral movement. The handprints came from the community and they represent the community’s aspirations and hopes for the future of the region.

The design of the Badlands spire expresses the overall project theme — the aspiration of all beings to live in balance — in combination with the design of the Black Hills Spire. All together, this granite composition brings to light the life and promise of this community’s past, present and future. — Masayuki Nagase, October 2017

At the conclusion of each summer’s work, the sculptor wrote a summary description of his process and designs. Read his other reflections here.

To see photos of the project, please visit its Facebook page.


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