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On the blog: "There are no rules, no wrong ways."

May 29, 2014
by Anna Huntington, The Sculpture Project

Third graders at Wilson School in Rapid City wrote sweet, eloquent and sometimes funny evaluations of their experience with the Teaching Artist Program (TAP) this month. Graffiti artist Tyler Read, who does education outreach for the Rapid City Arts Council, led TAP in Mrs. Gerry Renner’s third grade class. TAP is sponsored by Passage of Wind and Water sculptor Masayuki Nagase and administered by the arts council.

What do you enjoy about making artwork?

  • “It lets my imagination go free. There are no rules, no wrong ways, just art making whatever you want.”
  • “Art really speaks to me as a person and an artist. I am an artist myself meaning I love art and when I see a blank canvas I see it as the beginning of magic.”
  • “The shapes because they look cool. The art because art is history of people.”

What does “rhythm” and “pattern” mean when you are talking about art?

  • “Pattern means this: xooxoo. Rhythm means it is like music but you turn it into art.”
  • “You have a different rhythm. Some people go fast and some people go really slow and take their time.”
  • “Means you really want to use the rhythm in your heart and draw the beat of it.”

What does “cultural identity” mean when you are talking about art?

  • “Your identity in art. Your self in art.”
  • “Your art tells people who you are.”
  • “Cultural means that you’re an artist, I think. Or not an artist?”

What is a graffiti artist?

  • “He mixes tons of shapes and numbers and letters and makes it look really cool.”
  • “A graffiti artist is where you go paint crazy things.”
  • “A person that makes eyes look weird.”

Classroom teacher Mrs. Gerry Renner said, “I am so happy I was able to participate in the exceptional and generous program! I will retire at the end of the school year. What a delightful way to cap off my years of bringing art to the classroom… The totems were perfect for math awareness. The mural brought their history of Lewis and Clark together in a beautiful and unique way. Other teachers want TAP now, great job Tyler!”

See a TAP photo album here. To learn more about TAP and how to bring the free program to your school, contact Sculpture Project outreach coordinator Anna Huntington at

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