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On the blog: Ten things we learned while dancing in the Badlands

March 24, 2014
by Sara Olivier, Arts Rapid City and Passage of Wind and Water Arts Collaborative

Photograph by Randal Iverson

Hello everyone!  This past fall, the dancers and film crew of the collaborative set off to film modern dance in the Badlands.  Over two days we traveled to various locations throughout the national park to capture movement in the very landscape that inspires the collaborative and Yuki's work.  The experience was both challenging and incredible.  In case you are interested in planning your own daring dancing adventure, we thought we should share these helpful insights we learned along the way.

10.  Be ready to adapt and adjust.  Just because something works within the four walls of a dance studio, doesn't mean it will work on a hard, rocky ridge in 25 mph winds.  If you work in cooperation with your environment, good things will happen.

9.  You will get dirt in your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears.  It will stay there for a few days.

8.  When Randal says, "one more take" he is lying.  "One more take" is director code for "twelve more takes."

7.  That amazing-looking textured dirt feels like broken terra cotta pots on your barefoot.  The animals who hang out in the Badlands have hooves for a reason.

6.  Being prepared for both wind and water is only practical (especially considering the theme of the project J) Packing sunscreen and a raincoat on the same day is a good idea.

5.  Getting up at 4:00 AM to dance in a landscape that resembles the moon, as the sun rises, is awesome.  Totally worth it.

4.  Don't forget to breathe.  In fact, it's essential.

3.  Be prepared to put on an impromptu performance for a big bus of foreign tourists.  And then pose for multiple pictures.  Your cheek muscles will be just as sore as the rest of you from smiling so much J

2.  Soak up every moment.  Like every wonderful thing in this life, the experience will go by way too fast.

1.  Trust.  Trust nature. Trust people. Trust the process.  You'll be transformed—for the better.

We hope you can make it to our June 20th performance at the Performing Arts Center @ 7PM!  Free admission!  Check out The Sculpture Project Facebook event page for more details and updates! Get a taste of what's in store: great videos by the collaborative's exceptional filmmaker Randal Iverson on The Sculpture Project's YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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