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Teaching Artists Program (TAP)

Free, Quality Arts Education for Rapid City's Public Elementary Schools


Bring Free Arts Education to Your School!
TAP pairs local artists with teachers so that they may integrate visual arts lessons into their classroom curricululm. Click here to learn how!

Become a Teaching Artist!
Receive training and pay while boosting your career.

  • Share your knowledge and skills in a meaningful way.
  • Build relationships within the community.
  • Be inspired by working with youth and local educators. 
  • Click here to learn more and apply today!

TAP Roster
Find more information about our qualified professionals and how you can connect their talents to your classroom's curriculum.

TAP Testimony
Rapid City teachers love TAP!

I am so happy I was able to participate in the exceptional an generous program!
Gerry Renner, Wilson Elementary
learned new ways to present material using art and student's loved it!
Karen Thorson, South Canyon Elementary
The topics covered were new for the students and the art integration helped create meaningful connections for the students.
Charla Holt, General Beadle Elementary
I was incredibly impressed with the TAP program. The students have learned the importance of thinking creatively, the importance of being willing to take risks and the importance of being willing to make mistakes yet persevere.
Erin Bauer, Canyon Lake Elementary

Teaching Artists Program (TAP) bridges a deficit in Rapid City public elementary schools by bringing free, standards-aligned art education to classrooms. TAP empowers local artists to bring art lessons to students and matches them with classroom teachers. TAP builds community advocacy for art education through communication with parents, students, teachers, and administrators, through accurately measuring and demonstrating its impact on student learning. TAP is a community outreach partnership between The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water and the Rapid City Arts Council that develops advocacy and support for arts education by strengthening the connection between Rapid City's arts community, the education community, and the community as a whole. 

Teaching Artists Program strengthens Rapid City's public school students' capacity for imaginative learning, creativity and innovation by bringing standards-aligned art education to Rapid City area elementary schools. TAP's asset-based approach builds meaningful connections between Rapid City's students, artists and schools by training artists to collaborate with educators to create lesson plans that meaningfully integrate art into elementary classroom curriculua. TAP is a parntership between Rapid City Area Public Schools, the Rapid City Arts Council and The Scupture Project: Passage of Wind and Water that builds advocacy for art education and is inspired by The Scuplture Project's artist Masayuki Nagase's themes of transformation, shared values, and our common aspiration to live in balance.

An Artists's Gift
The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water is a public art project underway in the heart of Downtown Rapid City that will be part of the community for generations.

Artist Masayuki Nagase is carving the 21-piece granite sculpture, permanently installed at Main Street Square. Nagase views his work as a catalyst for building connections between the community and art. To learn more, begin at the homepage of this site!

After the artist discovered that Rapid City elementary schools do not offer formal visual arts education, he partnered with the Rapid City Arts Council and funded the development and implementation of TAP during his five years of work in Rapid City. TAP emphasizes Nagase's focus on reflection and abstraction.

If you are interested in volunteering, sponsoring, or donating to TAP, please contact Anna Huntington, Community Arts Coordinator for The Sculpture Project.


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