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Gallery of Previous Work

Masayuki Nagase has completed public artwork in communities across the U.S. and in Europe. Here are some of his public art projects:

  • Rooftop Garden, San Francisco General Hospital, California
    Hand-carved stone benches and sculptures are part of a therapeutic roof garden in a new hospital that features artwork on each floor.
  • "River of Life,” Venice Island Recreation Center in Manayunk. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    A site-specific series of hand-carved granite benches, sculptural boulders, and engraved tile pavers and medallions depicting images of local flora, fauna, and water patterns. The work is part of a park along the Schuylkill River that includes new performing arts, community and recreation facilities built over a storage basin for sewage runoff.
  • "Sound of Water": Palo Alto Transit Center, California
    This site is an active bus station in a small urban setting. The challenge was to make a series of six benches functional while creating aesthetic works of art. Each bench is carved in a unique wave pattern bringing the essence of nature while offering a useful means for resting and sitting.
  • "Mosaic of Nature": Little Sugar Creen Greenway, Charlotte, North Carolina 
    This site is a restored urban river with multiple art elements by the artist placed throughout the greenway park. This is a mosaic series set in a circular paving design around a small fountain. The mosaic designs are based on the native flora and fauna of the local habitat. Photos by Jeff Cravotta.
  • "Aquifer": Little Sugar Creen Greenway, Charlotte, North Carolina 
    This landmark vertical sculpture acts as a major focal point along this urban river greenway. The interior of the stone elements are carved with relief patterns based on the image of aquifers in the bedrock of the earth's crust. Photos by Jeff Cravotta.
  • "Unity": University of Oregon, College of Education, Eugene, Oregon
    This environmental artwork includes a freestanding composition and a series of sculptural benches that are placed throughout the complex. The theme of the artwork is a metaphorical expression of a cycle of life and was designed to engage and offer interaction for college students and children. 
  • "Market Plaza Fountain": Koper, Slovenia 
    This fountain is placed in an active plaza in a coastal city. The plaza changes from a busy market to an open and peaceful space. The fountain is the main visual central point of the market with benches integrated around the basin. It was designed to be visually pleasing with or without water.

Masayuki Nagase's also has public art in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico. His international artwork is located in Japan, Chile and Europe. Visit the sculptor's website for more information and photos.

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