3 Unusual Sculptures in Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos

There was a time when you could find only a few options on Las Vegas Strip to have fun. You could only gamble, watch a show, and enjoy buffet food. Today, the boulevard has become a lot more vibrant and colourful with luxury casino hotels and high-end shopping complexes. 

Above all, you’ll get to witness some fabulous sculptures in this part of the world. Here, we’ll take you through some of the best sculptures in the elegant hotels and casinos of Las Vegas:

1. Vdara Hotel & Spa

This is an all-suites hotel and spa. When you enter its main drive, you’ll get to see a magnificent and colourful sculpture by Nancy Rubins. It has been titled ‘Big Edge’. The sculpture was created using salvaged canoes, aluminium rowboats, and several other vessels used in small rivers and oceans. All these boats are connected with wire cables of stainless steel that weighs thousands of pounds. 

Suspended over the reception desk of Vdara is another masterpiece. It is the 1969 work titled ‘Damascus Gate Variation I’ by Frank Stella. You’ll also get to see two large wall pieces at the concierge lobby created by Peter Wegner. They are titled ‘Day for Night, Night for Day’. A hanging light sculpture has been suspended between the two pieces by Wegner to encourage dialogue.

2. Aria Resort & Casino

A luxury hotel and casino built in 2009, Aria Resort & Casino offers its guests a five-star service. The rooms and suites of this hotel are equipped with the latest facilities. It also has 16 world-class restaurants. Suspended over the registration desk of Aria is a wonderful piece of art from Maya Lin. 

She is one of the most renowned American sculptors. It has been titled ‘Silver River’ and is inspired by the Colorado River’s topography and boundaries. It has a length of 84 feet and has been cast in reclaimed silver. The self-park Entry Lobby in Aria has three sculptures of stainless steel created by Tony Cragg. 

Two of them are called ‘Bolt’ and ‘Bent of Mind’. The third one is Untitled and is mostly referred to as the ‘Tall Column’. The Mezzanine Level of Aria has a sculpture with an overall height of 8 feet. Created by Antony Gormley, it is titled ‘Feeling Material XXVIII’.

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3. Delano Las Vegas

This charming hotel has a design that combines the Mojave Desert’s elements and the signature Delano South Beach style. Upon getting into this hotel, you’ll discover a 126,000-pound boulder. As you walk between the boulder, you’ll see that it has been painstakingly and carefully divided in half. The desert inspiration behind this sculpture is apparent. 

It encourages you to pass through the division and enter a peaceful environment. You’ll also get to witness yet another striking sculpture of stone beyond the large boulder. At the end of the corridor that leads to the reception area, there’s an art installation. It consists of many hundred small rocks that have been suspended on vertical cables made of steel.

3 Unusual Sculptures in Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos

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