4 Iconic Sculptures of the World

There’s something about a sculpture, which makes it seem more than just a piece of art. There are sculptures that engage you with their three-dimensional features. You’ll also come across sculptures that seem to send out a message. Some of these sculpted masterpieces have been communicating with people for many centuries. 

These works of art can be found installed in public places or displayed in museums. No matter where these sculptures are, they never fail to grab the attention of passers-by. Here are some of the renowned sculptures that have been admired globally:

1. Statue of Liberty

Many individuals are reminded of this sculpture whenever they think of the United States. The Statue of Liberty is a magnificent neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in New York City. Its overall height is 93 meters and was created by Richard Morris Hunt and Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. Gold, steel, wrought iron, and copper were the materials used for constructing the statue. 

This world-famous sculpture was a gift to the people of the United States from the people of France. It depicts the Roman goddess Libertas, who holds a torch raised high in her right hand. In her left arm, she holds the ‘tabula ansata’.

2. Christ the Redeemer

If you’ve been to Brazil, you might’ve not missed this famous Brazilian attraction. Christ the Redeemer is located in Rio de Janeiro. It was created by a French sculptor known as Paul Adowski. The statue was constructed by Heitor da Silva Costa and Albert Caquot. The former was a Brazilian engineer and the latter was a French engineer. 

In order to celebrate its 75th anniversary, the authorities constructed a small chapel at the statue’s base. Marriages are also solemnized beneath Christ the Redeemer. This statue features Jesus Christ with open arms as a symbol of peace. It was constructed using soapstone and concrete.

3. David

No discussion of world-renowned art sculptures would be complete without mentioning this work of Michelangelo. David is a prized possession of Italy and Michelangelo’s most famous work of art. It was created in the early 16th century and has a height of 517 meters. 

This marble statue features the Biblical figure, David. It was originally intended to be commissioned as one of the series of statues of prophets. They were to be placed along the east end of Florence Cathedral’s roofline. However, it was placed outside the Palazzo Vecchio instead, in a public square.

4. The Thinker

This sculpture created by Auguste Rodin is iconic in the world of sculptures. It features a nude man in a sitting position with his chin resting on his hand. The statue was initially named ‘The Poet’ as some thought it depicted the poet Dante Alighieri. Later, it was named ‘The Thinker’ by foundry workers. 

The legs and feet of the sculpture were damaged as a result of a terror attack in 1970. It was created in 1881 in bronze and has a height of 1.89 meters. The original marble copy of The Thinker is housed in the Musee Rodin in Paris. The sculpture was shifted to the museum after the death of Auguste Rodin.

4 Iconic Sculptures of the World

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